I’m coming to the end of ten months of treatment for cancer, with a successful outcome. Here are some things I’ve learned.

In May 2020 I suspected I’d got parasites from rafting in Costa Rica; I was feeling bloated and uncomfortable after eating. A couple of tests later, and sure enough, I had those parasites, but also stage 3 colorectal cancer. Waking up from a colonoscopy to be told directly that you have a 5 inch mass and it’s likely cancer is like jumping on an emotional hyperloop. I’m not sure there’s an emotion I didn’t feel in the next…

The most important metric most companies ignore

With an emergence from pandemic lockdowns in sight, it’s a good time to take stock of what works and what doesn’t about the world of work. This past weekend, the World Happiness Report was released, and it has lessons for every business. ‘Happiness’ in the World Happiness Report (and in the academic field) is not just about fleeting positive feelings (affective happiness), but deep wellbeing; it’s really the study of how humans thrive.

Wellbeing matters to companies — determining how successful and productive they are—and yet, only about one quarter of organizations measure…

The sum of all the human enterprise in business is directed towards a vague destination. The biggest win of this era could be reassessing where we’re heading.

First published in Fast Company

The abstract idea of ‘success’ may be the most important idea in business: the fuzzy notion that motivates millions of choices, careers and dreams. But for all the energy applied in its pursuit, there’s little energy applied in contemplating the destination. Fortune recently published its annual Fortune 500 list, which it bills as, ‘the ultimate business scorecard’. But its ranking is driven by just one metric: revenue. Is…

Just a few weeks ago, the changes we’ve seen companies make in the face of coronavirus would have seemed radical. When this is all over, can we go back?

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First published in Fast Company

In the last few years, the political science concept of the Overton Window — the range of ideas seen as politically acceptable — entered the zeitgeist. Both the campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are seen as having stretched the Overton Window, bringing ideas into the mainstream that had previously been radical.

Just a few weeks ago, it was radical to think of luxury goods…

One year ago we made the biggest evolution in enso’s existence; here’s what I learned.

Illustration by Laetro

Hiroshi Sugimoto

What few businesses value, is what creates true value.

First published in Fast Company

It seems we’re living in an era of extreme consequences, as the impact of business on the climate and human outcomes becomes clear. Perhaps every era is one of significant consequences, but the proverbial ‘problems coming home to roost’ feels apt for right now.

In reaction, the business community is shifting its stated intention. Notably last week, the powerful industry association, Business Roundtable, ‘redefined the purpose of a corporation’ towards broader stakeholder benefit, rather than just shareholder benefit. …

art by Kevin Liangcy/ enso

Having a purpose is not enough; what matters is whether you’re realizing the potential of it.

First published on Fast Company

Today, ‘purpose’ is discussed ad infinitum by people around the business world. The zeitgeist around purpose-oriented companies risks being counterproductive, as too many companies become satisfied with declaring and publicizing their purpose rather than the more important work of living up to it. …

Illustration Timo Kuilder

Everything is efficient, and everyone is miserable

Passivity in the face of capitalism’s excesses is no better than in response to other injustices.

Geoff Mcfetridge

sebastian buck

co-founder, enso » creative impact agency » enso.cosebastianbuck.com

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